Activ8’s 8 Pillars of Athleticism have been integrated in our programs since we first began training athletes in Carlsbad, California in 2011. The approach is simple yet innovative: create custom programs based on specialized assessments to maintain their health and athletic performance. Applying this methodology allows athletes to push their boundaries while efficiently and consistently breaking through performance barriers.

Our goal is to improve every client’s athletic performance and development through our customized approach. We achieve optimal training performance by assessing, analyzing, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns. Activ8’s sports science and understanding of proper movement patterns ensures safety and an innovative program design.

Our programs improve sports performance, specifically our 8 Pillars of Athleticism while decreasing risk of injury.

What are the Activ8 8 Pillars of Athleticism?

  1. Speed
  2. Power
  3. Agility
  4. Strength
  5. Energy System Development
  6. Mobility
  7. Stability
  8. Balance/Coordination

Learn more about Activ8’s 8 Pillars of Athleticism:


Speed is the ability to cover a distance or a certain amount of time. We incorporate speed movement mechanics, and velocity-based training in our athletes’ programs to make them the most efficient and powerful in their sport.


Power is the amount of force produced over speed. For us, Power is extremely important when dictating an athlete’s ability to produce strength and speed. Our programs include specific adaptations to not only be strong, but powerful with each movement.


Agility is the ability to be quick in multiple planes of movement. The most successful athletes can accelerate and decelerate in multiple planes of motion efficiently and effectively. Our programs break down functional movement patterns to develop a quick, agile locomotion.


Strength is not only the ability to lift heavy objects, but also teach the brain how to lift them effectively. Athletes who require powerful and agile movements need to be able to lift heavy weight to be at the pinnacle of their sport. Our programs are broken down into phases where we teach the very fundamentals of lifting, so that our foundation can continue to get stronger with each phase.

Energy System Development (Aerobic/Anaerobic capacity)

Energy System Development is a term used to describe work capacity. Physiologically, athletes’ bodies undergo quick, and powerful movements for a duration of time – which can result in fatigue. The most successful athletes can perform these movements for longer durations without fatigue setting in. Our programs tailor both aerobic and anaerobic metabolic gains for our athletes to perform at the highest level for longer times.


Mobility is having the strength and flexibility in a given joint. This is vital for all athletes to reduce the chance of injury. We make it a priority that our athletes remain pain free through our recovery modalities, while also performing at their top level.


Stability is the athlete’s ability to produce a movement through their body. Our pillar core is a vital way of maintaining stability and producing power efficiently and effectively. Our programs include Core development to enhance the athlete’s ability to produce any movement, lift heavier objects, and reduce chance of injury.


Balance and Coordination is the body’s nervous system activating to produce a movement. The body’s Central Nervous System is an extremely important part to elevate an athlete’s performance. Our athletes experience balance/coordination training by teaching the nervous system properly to produce effective athletic results.

Understand and Apply

Our curriculums are designed around each athlete understanding how movements should look and feel then applying that knowledge real time.

We accomplish our athlete’s goals through our methodologies, facility, equipment, services, and expert team of performance technicians. Our team comprises backgrounds in exercise science, physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensuring safety and optimal performance in all training curriculums.

Improvement must be tracked through pre & post testing however mental fortitude, effort, and grit are all things that numbers, and machines cannot track. It is developing athletic traits like this that translates to becoming a better athlete.

No matter the athlete or sport, Activ8 has a program that is right for YOU! ⁠

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