Train like the elite year-round at Activ8, an Athletic Performance and Recovery Center in Carlsbad California. Whether you live in San Diego yearround or come to visit, Activ8 gives you the opportunity to train like the elite. Carlsbad is the hidden gem of the southern California region, with an amusement park, easily accessible beaches, and beautiful weather you cannot go wrong. 

Activ8 has been training athletes for over 10 years in Carlsbad, California. What makes Activ8 unique is our customized approach. Activ8’s Founder, TJ Moreno, was concerned over the number of preventable injuries encountered in the field. This observation led TJ to pursue a new offering in sports performance – a way to maximize performance, prevent injury, and increase longevity.

Activ8: Carlsbad Athletic Performance and Recovery CenterAt Activ8, our goal is to improve every client’s athletic performance and development through a customized approach. We achieve optimal athletic performance by analyzing, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns. Activ8’s sports science and medical expertise ensures safety and an innovative program design, because of this, we offer different training programs to fit every athlete’s needs. 

Our core offerings consist of private, semi-privateteam training and recoveryAdditional programs we offer are Pro Performance geared towards professional athletes in their off seasons and the Activ8 NFL Combine / Pro Day Program which prepares each athlete to reach their maximum peak test potential. 

Athletic Performance Private and Semi-Private Training: Take It to the Next Level 

The one-on-one setting allows us to build a relationship to gain a better understanding of the athlete while continuously personalizing the training experience. The private performance training program takes a comprehensive approach to efficiently achieve the best athletic performance in the specified time. 

Athletic Performance Team Training: Grow and Compete as A Unit

Team Training programs designed for whole teams. Activ8’s specialists work in conjunction with head coaches, and team leadership, to complement their endeavors on the field to achieve new performance goals. Athletes can expect a high intensity, focused training session geared towards developing the athlete through our 8 principles of athleticism. 

PROCESS: How Activ8 Works 

Consultation: Understanding the Athlete 

Activ8 performance specialists conduct a face-to-face (zoom is available) consultation discussing the athlete’s specific goals and timeline for training with heavy emphasis on increased performance and longevity. 

Assessment: Getting a Baseline 

We actively listen to the athlete’s history to develop the custom roadmap to their future. This involves the collection of data from two tests: Movement Analysis and Performance Testing  

Program: Customized to Optimize 

A personalized training program will be created for new clients designed around their specific goals. Coaches refine their applied methodology and techniques to directly match the athlete’s evolution. 

Recovery: Maximize Performance 

Training and competing is stressful on the body. Our focus on Recovery gets you ahead of the competition by returning your body to full health quickly and efficiently. Recovery is mandatory for an athlete’s training regimen to maximize performance and reduce risk of injury. This ensures optimal training and performance. 

Reassessment: Progress Check-In 

Dependent on the intensity and duration of the training program, each athlete will have periodic check-ins with our performance specialists. At every step along each athlete’s journey, we assess and measure their progression.  

With our customized approach alongside our training app, athletes are able to access their customized program on any mobile device. Activ8 has different memberships options, some include zoom calls with our performance coaches to discuss their programming in greater detail and answer any questions the athletes might have. 

Attack your goals with an Activ8 Consultation

ALL ATHLETES must go through an initial consultation, the fee is $99 and will be applied towards the athlete’s annual registration upon purchasing an Activ8 membership.

Bring Activ8 to YOU!

Unable to come to our athletic performance and recovery center?

We understand that not every athlete is able to have the Activ8 experience in Carlsbad.

Athletic Performance Virtual Training: Membership on the Go 

Activ8’s online training programs give you the “Activ8 Athlete” experience through an online or mobile platform. The online training derives from the same athletic development and fitness training programs at our Carlsbad athletic performance center. These programs and exercises are used with our professional athletes and everyday athletes/clients. The program options are limitless and can be tailored to each athletes specific needs. 

If you’re looking to get bigger, faster or stronger, contact us today to start training at our Carlsbad Athletic Performance Recovery Center.

Customized 1 on 1 Virtual Training


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