The Importance of Recovery

It can be hard for any athlete to get back into training after an injury, especially if it is a major injury such as an ACL. However, it’s important for every athlete to recover from an injury not only to keep your body healthy, but to be able to perform and compete in your sport’s upcoming seasons. When an athlete gets injured, it takes a toll on their emotions, which may lead them to lose motivation to bounce back into their sport, slowing down their recovery process. All of this will cause them to lose the strength and energy they had before. Here at Activ8, our goal is to restore strength, speed, and power that may have been lost while injured. Our training is designed to help you get back to where you once were while focusing on getting stronger, faster, and more powerful. For some, it may take a while to get back into playing, but the hard work will definitely pay off.

You’ve graduated PT but you’re not quite ready to return: 

Physical therapy does a great job of getting one back to square one. However, once cleared some athletes don’t feel ready to return back to the reactionary aspects of sports. It’s very hard to mimic the flow of a game, in training, but it’s not impossible. To incorporate the game style of training, Activ8’s created a complementary program to PT (H.E.A.L) that helps athletes further their confidence in returning to play. We focus on command based training, pivoting, cutting and ball reaction drills to name a few. H.E.A.L serves as the last step one takes before returning to play. Rushing back is never a good thing and like they say, “all good things take time”.

Best exercises for common injuries:  

(ask your doctor and physical therapist prior to attempting these exercises )





Lower Back

Recovery is what’s missing: 

Overtraining is a real thing. Most athletes are overtrained and don’t know it. Taking time to recover properly is just as important as training hard. If you haven’t already, finding a piece of time in your training days or off days to focus on recovery could keep you out of the Dr. office. Of course stretching is one of the best ways to recover but let’s be honest, most athletes hate stretching. So is there something else one can do to get the benefits of stretching without having to stretch?  Yes! You’re in luck, see below.

Our Two Favorite Recovery Tools


One of our favorite tools we use to help recovering athletes is the Hypervolt from Hyperice. The Hypervolt is used to massage any areas on the body, a.k.a myofascial release, that my be tight or sore from practice and training. It allows the body to loosen up, which makes it easier to compete and train with 100% effort.


Another tool we love to use is the Normatec Leg Recovery System. “The Leg Recovery System gives you fresh legs faster, helps you warm up pre workout, and recover right post training and competition.” -Normatec.

Want to become an Activ8 Athlete but don’t live in the greater San Diego area? 

Check out our online training platform below and reach out to us at We’re glad to spend time with you and talk about how we can create a program encompassing everything you need to train like a Pro!


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