Top No Weight Exercises You Can Do Almost Everywhere

Top No Weight Exercises You Can Do Almost Everywhere

Adding weights to your workout is a great way to build muscle. There’s a reason why many athletes look built. Weights are tools to help you get a more defined body. Weights are good; however, in case you don’t have any access to a gym, no weight exercises are just as practical. Conducting exercises without weight allows you to use your body weight to enhance your fitness ability. In fact, no weight exercises are efficient warm-ups and depending on how you carry the exercise out can increase your heart rate.

You don’t need large equipment or extra accessories to do these workouts. A performance center, your home, or the park become the perfect areas to complete your workout. Our athlete specialists put together this list that includes no weight exercises from our competitive curriculum. So, if you are an athlete looking for ways to better yourself, increase your strength, and form a balance, take a look at the exercises below.

1. Box Drill

For the most efficient way to elevate your agility, box drills are at the top of our list. There are many different variations of them, but you only need to know one to get it down. There’s a reason why the NFL combine uses these workout drills. They genuinely do help you work on better body control, quickness, and flexibility.

All you need are 4 marker cones or items of your choice. Place the cones in a square about 15 feet apart. Assume your starting position at cone 1, sprint to cone 2, shuffle to cone 3, backpedal to cone 4, and finally sprint back to cone 1.

The exercise is simple but assists in developing your change of direction ability. Complete 2 to 3 sets of this and you will be well on your way to becoming a better athlete.

2. Plyometric Pushup

This variation of a push-up requires some experience, but if you are looking to challenge yourself, then this exercise is one way to do so. The key benefits of this exercise are muscular development, strength, and power.

In a plyometric push-up, you’re doing your standard push up, but as you come up, you push-up and away from the floor. The trick is to lift your hands off the floor. To make it a little easier, you can even begin by starting with your hands on a bench or box and your feet on the ground, elevating your upper body. This will take some of your body weight out of the exercise making it a little less challenging.

3. The Tuck Jump

The tuck jump is an exercise of high-intensity and impact. It works on improving agility and power, which is an area in which many athletes need to excel. If you are looking to improve your on-field performance, then the tuck jump is one exercise that you’ll want to learn.

You’ll want to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart bending your knees slightly and positioning your hips back, kind of like the beginning of a squat. Now jump up as high as you can bringing your knees to your chest. Land gently on your toes then jumps back up as quick as possible. Try starting with 3 sets of 5 tuck jumps!

4. Elbow to Hands Plank

The core is the foundational aspect to any athlete. No matter what sport you play, having a strong core is necessary to succeed. Many exercises exist to build core strength, but not many are as effective as the plank. This exercise works your core, hamstrings, glutes, supports posture, and improves balance. Many variations of the plank exist, but a favorite of ours is the elbow to hands.

Start in a regular plank, on your elbows. Take one hand, then followed by the other to push yourself up to a full plank position. Return to your elbows, doing so with one arm at a time. Try to challenge yourself by doing this for a full minute.

5. Chair Dips

The Chair Dip an excellent example that falls under the category of no weight exercises. They’re simple, can be done anywhere and a great way to tone your triceps. If you play any sport, then we are more than certain that you have tried these before. In case you haven’t:

Get yourself in 90-degree angle supporting yourself on a chair with only that weight of your arms. Alternate legs back in forth in the air as you work through a set of 15 reps.

Five Amazing No Weight Exercises

There you have it— five no weight exercises you can do anywhere, from your local athletic center to the flat ground of your basement. When you want to push yourself to the next level, then you’re going to need to enroll yourself in one of our Activ8 Athletic Development Programs. We’ll help you reach your fitness goals so you can become the best athlete ever to hit the field or court.






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    Discover a list of top 5 No-weight exercises you can do almost anywhere without using any equipment by reading this blog. Explore now!

    Discover a list of top 5 No-weight exercises you can do almost anywhere without using any equipment by reading this blog. Explore now!


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