Events like pro days and the NFL combine have standardized drills in which athletes are measured against each other. For scouts and coaching staff, postseason exercises are essential to see athletes perform in person and in a controlled environment. Many factors indicate an athlete’s preparedness: game performance, number of games played that season, and injuries sustained.

For many, pro days are the first opportunity for an apples-to-apples comparison of skill, fitness, and preparedness for the pros among athletes from the same school and across the nation. Here are a few reasons why pro days are crucial for college football athletes and why you should consider attending:

Chance to Impress

Even if you’re not one of the top one or two players on a team that is getting scouted, these events are key to impressing GMs, scouts, and coaches. While they may be attending for the star athlete, showing excellent stats and a strong work ethic give help you gain valuable exposure.

If there are scouts coming to see you specifically, it’s a chance to prove the stats earned during the season and at the combine if you attended. Pro days show your work ethic to help make your case to the team’s management.

Team Dynamics

If a team is considering similar players, pro days help make decisions based on their performance and personality. For many, coaches are not just looking for a player that can perform. They want a cultural fit with their team. Getting to see the player in action and how they interact with their peers makes a strong case for whether they will jive with team dynamics. Plus, showing maturity is just as important as top notch skills.

Home Field Advantage

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the NFL Combine, having home-field advantage can only help your chances at success in the same drills. Pro days are held on home turf, allowing you to compete on familiar ground. The home-field environment helps you control variables and shows your best work. However, attending your pro day is a valuable experience, even if you don’t end up going pro.

Advanced Preparation

At the same time of the year Pro days are held. This gives the athlete time to adequately prepare with the right regimen and coaching staff. If you’re looking for elite football training programs ahead of a big event, consider Activ8 in Carlsbad, CA. Activ8 not only offers an NFL Draft training plan but individualized programs for many different competitive sports at all levels.

Learn more about pro days and elite training programs for college athletes.


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